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Second  Street  Dance  Com​pany

The Premiere Jazz Company of Pueblo Colorado

Demi Team- For our tots ages 5-8 starting early. Auditions only.

Angel Team- This is our entry level beginner level competitive team for dancers who are making the jump from recreational to competitive level. Audition only. This may consist of mixed age levels.

Bombshell Team- This is our upper level beginner competitive team. Minimum that students must have had a few season prior season competing. Audition Only.

Dream Team Team-This is our intermediate level Jr. Competitive team. Audition only.

Elite Team-This is our upper level Advanced Jr. & Senior Competitive team.

Audition only.

Depending on growth of the student/dancer depends on the level they will be placed. A dancer can remain on a certain team for several seasons should the director deem it necessary for that students growth and wellbeing. Dancers will be challenged no matter the placement.

Next audition process will be June 18th 2021. WE OFFER ALL COMPETITIVE LEVELS Beginner to upper level Intermediate and advanced.


There is a required schedule of classes that dancers must attend. It’s imperative that each dancer is committed to the team. We understand school, family and other important events may interfere at times, but please be respectful of the other dancers' time and dedication to the team. All dancers on competitive teams will sign a season contract.


Monthly company tuition is a flat rate for all classes of $250.00 per month.

(4-5 days/week, approx 9 + hours/week) Monthly company tuition for Demi's and Angels Teams please inquire as the commitment level is different than upper levels. team is - 3-4 hours a week 3 days a week.

Competition costs vary from competition to competition and depend on how many numbers each dancer is in.

Rough estimate:

  • group numbers ~ $45-$65 per piece per competition
  • duets/trios ~ $120 - $140 (split between the 2 or 3 girls)
  • solo ~ $90-$105 per competition

Nationals fees are always a bit higher. We only attend one National competition every 2 years with upper level teams.

*By November annually, a list of due dates for competition fees will be sent out. It is important they are paid NO LATER than the due date. If we turn fees in late, the competition will add an additional 10% to our fees and that is passed back on to you. The competition may also end up selling out and we won’t be able to get our pieces entered so please pay on time. We do our best to try and space out payments and not have them due at the same time as tuition.

*Weekly class schedules consist of ballet, technique and turning classes, jazz, progressions, hip hop, contemporary, tap and basic tumbling/tricking. Our Leads and Strings will have classes 4 days a week (This does not include choreography sessions or master classes) ; Our Core and Base Teams will have classes between 2-3 days a week (This also does not include choreography sessions or master classes)

*Dancers within the same teams may be placed in different level ballet classes, but will be in the same competition pieces. Ballet placement is at the discretion of the instructor.​ SSDC reserves the right and may place dancers of any levels in pieces of choreography of their choosing.


If the studio brings in a "guest" choreographer (for our Core, Leads and Strings Teams), an additional choreography fee will incur. This will just cover the cost of the choreographer. The studio will not make any profit from this fee. The rate will be determined prior to setting the piece, and is optional to those dancers. These extra pieces are by invitation only, and dancers are chosen by the choreographer and/or studio director based on style of choreography and level of technique. Guest choreography will be scheduled for a series of weekend dates. If you cannot attend ALL of the rehearsals, you cannot be in the piece.

*Small group pieces and group lines and all choreo set by in-house studio choreographers will also be scheduled on weekends. If your child can not attend the entire sessions, they will be unable to be in the piece.

*Company Competitive choreography will be scheduled in August. Dancers must attend all choreography classes, otherwise they will not be placed in any of these pieces for spring competitions.


Company jackets are required for all company dancers. Dancers are to wear these to and from competitions, and to all Second Street Dance Company events and functions. Jackets will be ordered around the end of September.


Each dance requires a costume. Costume deposits will be collected in October. Once costumes are ordered, an itemized list and a bill for any remaining balance will be sent out. Costumes may range from $50-$85.00-per dance. We try to keep this cost down in the lower range.

All teams communicate on our Team app! Download and have access to all information including schedules, cancellations, master classes, competitions, fees, team activities and more! Our staff as well as our parents love this app! Search; SSDC Competition teams.

What is a competitive dance team?: Many dance studios offer a competitive dance team option for dedicated dancers who dance as a sport and who desire more of a challenge than a recreational level offers. At Second Street Dance Company, we are a competitive Jazz company - we compete with contemporary Jazz as well as traditional Jazz. Dancers and their families need to fully understand the commitment and be willing to follow through for the entire season; our team is rather small with only 26 current members and the attendance of EVERY dancer is mandatory for each competition and/or performance! We here at SSDC believe, the younger the better to start training on this level. Competition provides SO much more than the sport itself. The confidence, the self acceptance, the self-expression, the skills to play well with others and SO MUCH more!

How do I join the team?: Dancers must be a minimum of 5 years old when the new dance season begins for our mini team. We accept dancers from ages 5-18. Dancers are selected by the instructors after an audition process. This year it will be held Saturday, May 18th at 10am. Dancers must have a minimum length of 1:50 piece of music to dance to, that they do self choreo to at auditions. They will also have to show certain required movements at the audition. All dancers must wear black/ no logos and have their hair secured back. At SSDC, based on their audition, performance and attitude we select for the following season. We will accept transfers this season for our audition process.

What are the Auditions like?: The 'Audition' process takes a couple of hours and is essentially an assessment of skills. Once your dancer is done auditioning they may leave. Families will receive an email with the results for your dancer the following Monday. Dancers will need to demonstrate dance technique (including leaps and turns) and their strength and flexibility. We do this so that we can begin to work on the choreography for the upcoming rehearsals; it is important that the competitive choreography is challenging, yet highlights the dancers' strengths.

Will there be a Parent Meeting?- Yes Sat. April 13th at 10am-11:00am. We don't expect or want anyone joining the team without having all the information and feeling comfortable with the commitment.

What is the time commitment?: a minimum of 3-12 hours a week depending on age and placement on teams. That is a minimum and will go over for the more advanced teams.

I've never been to a dance competition - what is this all about?!: It's hard for us to describe the atmosphere...its amazing, fun, inspiring, exciting, dramatic, unlike anything you've ever seen before - you really need to experience this for yourself! 

Should you have any question at all about auditions or private auditions or any other questions, please feel free and don't hesitate to contact us!

Kindest regards,

Becky Thompson/ Artistic Director

[email protected]


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